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Wang Dan attended “Central Europe’s Climate Policy Progress and

  On December 18-19, 2014, the “Central Europe’s Climate Policy: Progress  and Prospect of Carbon Emission Trading” international academic  conference hosted by ZEW was held in Mannheim, Germany, and the experts  and scholars from Germany, France, Britain, Switzerland, China and other  countries attended this conference. The Executive Deputy Director of  Center of Hubei Cooperative Innovation for Emissions Trading System  (Cultivation) and Dean of College of Environmental Resources and  International Trade Wang Dan attended this conference on invitation.

 At the conference, Wang Dan made a keynote speech titled “Carbon  Trading and Carbon Finance in China” and introduced the related  condition of carbon emissions trading piloting in Hubei to the  representatives present at the conference, communicated and talked with  other experts and scholars, reached intentions on development of  scientific research cooperation matters and further promoted the foreign  cooperation and communication of the center.    

 Note: ZEW is one of the leading economic research institutes in Europe,  with a high reputation in the international academic research, politics  and economy fields. ZEW has accumulated long-term experiences in  economic index development and research and its relevant professional  surveys have been in operation for many years in Germany, Switzerland  and Central Europe and have achieved a great success. The Environment  and Resources Economy Research Department of ZEW mainly engages in the  research of environment and resources economics and environmental  management, mainly including: energy economy, innovation and sustainable  development economy, transportation and mobility, macro-economic  analysis of environment-related policies. 

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May 2012, our school was formally established low-carbon economy and the  Development Research Center of Hubei Province, hired Professor Xue  Jinjun director of Nagoya University, Professor Zhou Maorong as honorary  director, members mainly from the World Trade Center Institute,  Department of Economics, Department of Statistics. In