Academic Committee Chairman Zhou Maorong

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Zhou Maorong is a Ph.D. of Economics, Professor and Ph.D. supervisor of  School of Economics and Management of Wuhan University, and Dean of  School of International Trade of Hubei University of Economics. He was  engaged in the researches on world economy, low-carbon economy and so on  for a long time; he has released more than 60 papers on periodicals  such as People’s Daily, Economic Research, World Economy and so  on; has published 12 books (including co-author, chief editor and  subeditor). He has won Award for Ann Tse Kai International Trade  Research Excellent Book and the second prize of First Session of  Outstanding Achievement Award of State Education Commission Humanities  and Social Sciences Research. At present, he is the Vice Chairman of All  China Association of World Economic Research, chairman of Hubei World  Economics Association and director of Institute of European Studies in  China.

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