The researchers of the center participated in the training of the first Energy Measurement Review and Carbon Verification “Two-in-One” training class in Hubei

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 New of the Website (Special Correspondent Wang Cheng) From November 9  to November 11, the first Energy Measurement Review and Carbon  Verification “Two-in-One” training class in Hubei jointly hosted byHubei  Quality and Technology Supervision Training Center and China Quality  Certification Center (CQC) Wuhan Branch Center was started in Hubei  Quality and Technology Supervision Training Center. Sixteen researchers  of the center including Wan Dan and Sun Yongping participated in this  training and obtained the qualification certificate of training after  passing the energy measurement examination knowledge test.

 The main drafter of the Specifications on Energy Measurement Review of Key Energy Consumers  (JJF 1356-2012) was invited to act as the main lecturer of this  training, to explain the content article by article in detail. The  lecturer, according to the requirements for the greenhouse gas  monitoring and reporting of the monitoring, reporting and verification  (MRV) system of Hubei carbon trading and in combination with the actual  review work, focused on the coaching of review methods and puzzling  questions to be encountered during the review, so as to make the  participants have a preliminary understanding of the energy measurement  review examination knowledge.

 It was reported that a total of 120 persons with corresponding  professional titles and evaluation working experiences from the legal  measurement verification institutions and economic information, electric  power departments, enterprises and higher education institutions  throughout the province participated in the training. Those participated  in this training and passed the test will act as the backbones of  energy measurement review work in all regions and undertake the guidance  and assistance work of energy measurement in key energy consumers  within their jurisdiction.  

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