Chief Scientist Xue Jinjun

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He is a Ph.D. in Economics (Wuhan University, majoring inEconomics of  Development, 1992), and the current position is a professor of  Affiliated International Economic Policy Research Center, School of  Economics of Nagoya University. From April 2014 to April 2017, he is a  Chutian Scholar of Hubei University of Economics. The significant  research projects carried out by him include: “Global Value Chain and  Carbon Emissions Research” (cooperative project of Institute of  Developing Economies of Japan, International Trade Commission of the  United States, Nagoya Univarsity and Tsinghua University), the project  leaders including Meng Bo, Wang Zhi, Xue Jinjun, Gao Yuning, 2013-2014;  “International trade and carbon leakage research” (cooperative project  of Center for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo  (CICERO, Oslo), the contact person in China (chief project leader: Glen  Peter), responsible for the part of “carbon emissions calculation and  trading of Chinese consumption standard”, 2013-2015; “Turning Point of  Chinese Economy and its Influence on World Economy”, which is a  significant scientific research project of Japanese Ministry of  Education (basement research A), and he is the team leader of the  project, 2011-2015. His major books written in Chinese include Chinese Low-carbon Economy Development Report,  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 (chief editor), Social Sciences Academic Press,  2011-2014. He has published 8 monographs and creations written in  English, such as Low-carbon Economics, and has released more than 60 papers on international and domestic authoritative and core journals such as Singapore  Economic Review, The Economic Science, Energy Policy, Chinese Reform,  Population Science of China, Social Sciences of China, Economic Research and so on.

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