In May 2012, Hubei University of Economics formally established the  Low Carbon Economy and Hubei Development Research Center, and engaged  Professor Xue Jinjun in Nagoya University in Japan as the Director and  Professor Zhou Maorong as the Honorary Director. The members were mainly  from the School of International Trade, Department of Economics, and  Department of Statistics. In October 2012, according to the aim of  “facing significant demand of economic development in Hubei” proposed in  “2011 Plan of Hubei Province”, our university declared “Center of Hubei  Cooperative Innovation for Emissions Trading System(CHCIETS)” based on  the Low Carbon Economy and Hubei Development Research Center. In  December 2012, after the formal approval of provincial education  department by issuing documents, the Center of Hubei Cooperative  Innovation for Emissions Trading System entered the cultivation stage.  It became the only research institution specializing in carbon emissions  trading of all higher education institutions in the province.       

          Centerof Hubei Cooperative Innovationfor Emissions Trading  System (Cultivation) was led by Hubei University of Economics, sign the  cooperation agreement, define the forms of organization, ways of  cooperation, operational mechanism and participation in division of  labor and rights and obligations in all aspects based on equality and  resources. The cooperative units include United Hubei Development and  Reform Commission, Hubei Statistics Bureau (government), Wuhan  University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (higher education  institution), Hubei Energy Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Sub-center of China  Quality Certification Center, Hubei Carbon Exchange Co., Ltd.  (enterprise), Taiwan Research Institute, Institute of Global Low-carbon  Economy (Nagoya University in Japan, University of International  Business and Economics), Germany ZEW (Center for European Economic  Research) Energy & Economy Department (research institution).

         CHCIETS will build a high-level, dynamic, multiple, integrated  and sustainable cooperative innovation institution and mechanism that  rooted by talent training, based on discipline construction and  supported by scientific research. At present, the Center has undertaken a  large number of scientific research projects on carbon emissions  trading and has established good relationship with domestic and  international counterparts. On this basis, the Center strives to form  the only interdisciplinary, trans-department and transnational research  and innovation entity in the province that has a great influence in  China and abroad and plays an important role in formulation and  implementation of carbon emissions trading policies in Hubei Province  and even all over the country.