Zhang Fenqin went to Peru to attend the UN Climate Change Conference

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 New of the Website (Special Correspondent Sun Yongping) From December 1  to December 12, the COP20 of UNFCCC and CMP10 of Kyoto Protocol were  held in Lima, the capital of Peru, and the officials, experts and  scholars and non-governmental organization representatives from more  than 190 countries and regions attended the conference. The Director of  Center of Hubei Cooperative Innovation for Emissions Trading System and  Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of our university Zhang Fenqin and  the Deputy Director of Center of Hubei Cooperative Innovation for  Emissions Trading System Sun Yongping attended the conference on  invitation

 During the conference, Zhang Fenqin et al attended the series of  bilateral conferences hosted by the “China Pavilion”, American pavilion  and others, talking with the chiefs of institutions such as World Bank,  Taiwan Research Institute, National Climate Change Research and  International Cooperation Center (NCSC), reaching intentions on  cooperative research matters and further promoting the foreign  cooperation and communication of the center.

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