The International Symposium on the “Market-oriented Green and Low-carbon Development” was held in our university.

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 Scene of Symposium 

 Wen Xingsheng is addressing

 Zhang Fenqin is hosting the opening ceremony of the conference

 Wu Shaoxin is hosting the theme lectures

 New of the Website (Special Correspondents: Suo Kaifeng, Tan Zhixiong;  Photographer: Yang Hongbin, Tao Hui) On September 13, the International  Symposium on the “Market-oriented Green and Low-carbon Development” was  held in the Center for International Academic Exchanges of our  university. The symposium was jointly hosted by Economic Research  Periodical Office, Hubei University of Economics and Center of Hubei  Cooperative Innovation for Emissions Trading System (hereinafter  referred to as “The Center”). The Secretary of University Party  Committee Wen Xingsheng, the Vice-President Wu Shaoxin and He Huigang,  the Director of Institute for Economic Research of Chinese Academy of  Social Sciences Pei Changhong, the Director of Climate Change Addressing  Division of Hubei Development and Reform Commission Tian Qi, the  Proprieter of Economic Research Periodical Office Wang Cheng  and 120 experts and scholars from China and foreign countries  participated in. The Deputy Secretary of University Party Committee  Zhang Fenqin hosted the opening ceremony.

 Wen Xingsheng pointed out in his address that the convening of  International Symposium on the “Market-oriented Green and Low-carbon  Development” taking the “market disposition” as a key word was of great  significance, which was not only the need of theoretical research, but  also the need of practice; moreover, it was a rare opportunity for the  researchers of our university to have close contact with the big  academic shots in this field. He hoped that such activity will become an  important platform on which the scholars can communicate and contact  with each other to promote the mutual understanding among the scholars  and enhance their friendship. He expected that the center and its  counterparts will further strengthen the cooperation and exchange in all  aspects such as scientific research and talent cultivation thus making  contributions to the realization of the harmonious development of  economy and resource environment.

 The experts and scholars attending the conference have conducted a warm discussion around the conference theme.

 He Huigang attended the closing ceremony and addressed. He considered  that the conference is high in standard, rich in content and novel in  form and the experts attending the conference have conducted the  communications, exchanges and discussions in an extensive manner. As a  result, it is a successful conference.

 Also, 10 selected excellent papers were awarded with prizes at the conference.

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